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Rep. Bono-Mack Pulls Controversial Ad Off Web

A 2-minute and 20-second ad put together by U.S. Rep. Mary Bono-Mack campaign is stirring up some controversy on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs. The ad is supposed to slam her opponent Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet, a Democrat but instead downtown business owners say the ad slams local business.

Business owners said it’s hurting business more than it’s helping Bono-Mack.

The ad shows a tour guide showing an empty downtown, a City Hall closed for furlough Fridays and long unemployment lines blaming Pougnet for the three.

“I was upset when I first saw the ad; this is about politics, and we’re just businesses trying to exist in this challenging economy”, said Joy Meredith, the president of the Palm Springs Merchant Association.

The ad was all over the web. Until last week you could find it on YouTube, Facebook and on the congresswoman’s re-elction website.

Ryan Mahony with Bono-Mack’s campaign said, “It’s a media strategy. If you’re not careful you’d be led to believe it’s a cause and effect.”

Mahony went on to make it clear her campaign did not pull the ad because of the business backlash, but instead, because the ad ran its two week cycle and is done.

Bono-Mack is running for re-election against Pougnet for the 45th Congressional District seat. Voters will decide the election in November.

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