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U.S. State Department Issues Travel Alert For Europe

So far it’s business as usual for travel agent Kay Everley of Sunshine Travel and Cruise in Palm Desert. Despite the terror alert issued by the State Department for Americans Traveling in Europe, Everley hasn’t had any clients get cold feet about visiting Europe. “We haven’t had people cancelling we really at this point haven’t even had people inquiring about it. So I think people are getting used to this kind of thing,” said Everley.

It may have also helped that the alert wasn’t made to discourage people from traveling, although U.S. authorities do believe information they have is credible regarding an al Qaeda plot aimed at tourists involving commando style raids similar to the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The warning stressed that travelers should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings. “What the authorities are wrestling with is that they do have some information that there’s a threat out there and they feel an obligation to share that,” said Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security Secretary.

Intelligence shows among the terrorists targets, the areas before security screening in at least 5 major European airports. Everley understands when it comes to traveling under a terror threat warning, some people might have reservations. “If they feel uncomfortable we don’t encourage people to continue with their trip, however we hate giving in to this kinda of situation,” said Everley. “I mean there’s going to be terrorist threats from now on forever.”

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