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Coachella Rain Doesn’t Phase Fans On Day One

Rain sprinkled down and fans trickled in, but day one of Coachella 2012 was not ruined.

“Put your smiley face on. You paid $286 for a wristband, just go. You can’t help it,” Coachella fan Allison Belzer said.

As the day’s 40-artist lineup started, winds picked up in Indio with sporadic rain. As more fans arrived, temperatures dropped.

“I’m thankful to be here, but it’s really cold,” Belzer said.

A few fans did come prepared — with warm clothes and advice for those in bikinis.

“I’m wearing a hoodie. I’ve got pants on, because the rain made it muddy and stuff,” fan Chris Kay said. “I think they should go back home, since they have a bracelet. Go and change and come back in.”

That is exactly what crowds started doing.

“Go home, have a drink, warm up, come back and be ready to party,” Belzer said.

It wasn’t a matter of checking the forecast beforehand, but rather believing it.

“I checked and it said it was going to rain, but I was just crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t,” Belzer said.

It’s the first time Coachella has seen rain in recent memory, but these fans truly lived out the definition of the word.

“We’re still going to have a good time regardless. We just wish it was sunny,” Kay said.

There’s always day two, day three, and next weekend.

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