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Cal Fire Urges Extreme Heat Safety Precautions

Sizzling summer temperatures are creeping into the valley earlier than expected — and hikers at the Bump and Grind trail in Palm Desert said it’s time to fill up on fluids.

“You just need to hydrate, hydrate hydrate!” said Ceylee Young, of Palm Desert.

Cal Fire officials said they see emergency cases of dehydration and heat stroke far too often — there’s also a common misconception.

“They’ll say, ‘I’m in great shape, I hike, I bike, I play golf,’ but what they fail to remember is they’re playing in 100 degree heat. Anything above 90 degrees we caution people to slow down a little bit, and take longer breaks,” Dominic Pulsipher, a Cal Fire spokesperson.

Gretchen Hogan, of La Quinta, admitted she could hardly handle the early triple-digit heat Sunday while she hiked the trail.

“I was just pushing myself too hard today without enough water so I stopped, sat down and got my pulse back down,” said Hogan.

Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, however, the CDC says an average 675 people die each year from heat-related complications.

Authorities say its all about making changes to your daily life and active routines.

“Slow down, monitor what they drink, what they eat, take that rest and get good sleep, said Pulsipher.”

Also put that bottle of sunscreen to use, plan your outdoor activities before noon or in the evening, and have a buddy to hit the trails with.

“Absolutely, I probably wouldn’t come up here myself without a buddy,” said Gleen Thibeault, of Indio.

So while you’re out working up a sweat — take precaution.

“You just have to listen to your body,” said Hogan.

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