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Officers Reach Out to Teen Drivers

Car crashes are theNo. 1killer of teens in the United States.

As prom and graduation season approaches, police and insurance companies are trying to reach out to high school students.

The lesson: one mistake can change your life.

The program kicked off at Palm Springs High SchoolFriday with an inspirational video on leadership. The Teen Safe Driving Program will continue in the classroom of Officer Joshua Crocker with the help from grants from the California Office of Trafffic Safety and State Farm Insurance.

Officer Crocker teaches a class that includes information on intoxicated and distracted driving. The school already has plans to use some of the $5,000 State Farm grant towards a set of “beer goggles” to illustrate the effects of alcohol impairment.

Anti-DUI banners, posters, stadium cups and wrist bands will be given out on campus during the campaign.

“I’ve been in law enforcement a long time and it seems like every year around this time we hear of a tragedy that makes the graduation class one less than it should be,” Sgt. Paul Abshire said.

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