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Former Yucca Valley country club property under new ownership

Rundown and neglected.

For years, that’s how angry Yucca Valley residents have described the once-proud Blue Skies Country Club.

What used to be a lush golf course is now not much more than dirt, dead brush, and trash.

But now, there’s genuine hope the property will have a rebirth.

It sold at auction Tuesday. Local publishing company owner Bill Brehm, Sr. reportedly bought it for a little more than the minimum bid of $470,000.

Cindy Melland, Brehm’s daughter and publisher for the Hi-Desert Star, says the family’s excited about the new project.

“It’ll take a while, but we’ll bring it back. Maybe a little bit different depending on how many holes and what the community wants. Looking forward to bringing it back to pristine condition,” said Melland.

With plans for a new golf course, the town sees new opportunity for growth.

“That’s one of the perks of living here in Yucca — we’re so close to so many outdoor activities and an active lifestyle. We want to attract the retirement community and that’s a big part of the retirement community,” said Mayor Dawn Rowe.

The new owners say, right now, the priority is safety. That means clearing the brush that’s fuel for a fire.

“Our neighbors here are afraid because of the fire danger. That’s our first step is to make it safe for the neighborhood and then we’ll go on from there,” Melland said.

It’s unclear whether the new country club will still be called “Blue Skies” or when it will re-open.

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