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Local man makes book covers to support the military

“He served in Iraq almost two years and when he came home, it was, wow. Thank you God for letting him to come back because there’s so many that don’t,” David Maldonado said of his son.

That’s where it started.

“When he came back from Iraq a lady in a church in Palm Desert said you need to raise money for children of fallen heros,” he said.

So he decided to sell these book covers he invented 23 years ago to those who support the military. W.S.F. Books — Wet Suits For Books.

“They are book and bible covers we produce in California and they are something I used to sell a lot of in Hermosa now we are launch and show the world what were doing for the military,” he said. “Four years later I’m contracted by all five US militaries at the Pentagon we just started to market the product to the world.”

“It lets them remember. A constant reminder,” Maldonado’s wife, Sadie, said.

Maldonado sells them online, also setting up tables at events such as car shows raising money for children of fallen soldiers.

Right now the book covers are produced in LA but he hopes to set up his own shop in Yucca Valley where he lives one day and produce them there.

“To always honor and respect our freedom that these men and women have given to us with their lives,” he said.

KESQ News Team


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