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Bees that remain at crash site pose no danger to surrounding areas

Disoriented bees from Monday’s crash on Interstate 10 in Coachella will likely settle into new hives in the area, says a local bee removal expert.

Mike Murdoch with “Killer Bees Inc” in Palm Desert says the situation was handled “very professionally” by the truck driver and his passenger. Murdoch says he believes that about ten thousand of the 12 million bees in the big rig died from stress. “The amount of bees that died from this incident here are pretty minimal, they died because of stress,” says Murdoch. “There are so many things that happen in the course of a day they also don’t survive that long only about 6 to 8 weeks.”

“Many will also go to work for another family, and be part of that (bee) family.”

The exact cause of the fiery crash that involved the bee truck and a semi carrying frozen chickens is still under investigation.

The driver of the big rig was taken to an area hospital for minor injuries. Traffic was backed up for hours while clean up crews worked to reopen the roadway which happened just after 1:00 p.m.

The bees that survived our on their way to their final destination to a farm in Northern California.

KESQ News Team


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