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Palm Springs Comic Con returns for second year

Comic fans converged on Palm Springs this weekend for the second Palm Springs Comic Con. This year bringing in a new partnership.

“Our affiliation with Comic Con International. We were approached by them to become an affiliate with the ability to use their trademarked licensed name,” said co founder Alex Callego.

The affiliation with the San Diego convention a big win for the convention.

“Which offers us the raised level of attention and on top of that we increased our venue space,” Callego said.

Comic book fans strolling through the rooms, deciding what to purchase. One sign standing out amongst the rest: Cosplay is not consent. Showing even the comic book community is not immune to sexual harassment

“They’re human beings and they need to be treated as such. Man, woman, gay or straight, whatever background you are, they deserve to be treated as human beings,” Callego said.

Vendors said they appreciate this convention’s dedication to comic books.

“We go to shows and we like to be around people who like books and a show like this is great cause its smaller and the way our books are, we need to talk to people a long time,” publisher Russell Nohelty said.

The convention making sure kids have an educational and interactive experience.

“We’ve got some robotics stuff happening for them. But of course this being an event focused on comic books, we’ve got some digital story making comic books, video game design, and a few other things they can do,” Smart Education CEO Maria Wren said.

Organizers said the most important thing is to bring people together.

“It’s about connecting with people. It’s about having that human connection that you walk away from a convention feeling good about it,” Callego said.

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