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Student Athlete of the Week – Destiny Salazar

“Through my whole cross country career I have improved 7-minutes.” Student Athlete of the Week Destiny Salazar said.

“To be a whole mile faster from where she started, she has worked very hard to get where she is today.” Co-Head Coach Santiago Briaones said.

For Indio’s Destiny Salazar all it took was the feeling of rubber on pavement and she was hooked.

“Just came to the sport to get in shape for softball at first but as I kept doing I got more used to it and started to fall in love with the sport so I ended up sticking with it.” Salazar said.

A lead by example atmosphere around the girls program, other girls saw Destiny chasing her goals so they followed suit. All the way to the CIF Finals for the 2nd straight season.

“I just have that mindset that I wanted to be on top and be the best in the sport so when I put my mind to it that is what made me perform. People come to the sport and don’t know what they have to do but when they start to come more, start feeling better, feel better about themselves so they feel better about themselves.” She added.

Maybe it has ran her right to the college cross country world.

“Cal Poly Pomona, probably the only school I want to run for.”

In the end she has left this program better then where it started, and that’s all you can ask.

KESQ News Team


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