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Tribute event held for Amber Lane at Wang’s in the Desert

Sunday night, Wang’s in the Desert held a tribute event for one of their employees, Amber Lane, who was shot and killed in her Palm Springs home last week.

Lane, 36, was killed while sleeping last Monday. Her son, Brian Conroy, 19, is accused of murdering her.

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The musical tribute took place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Wang’s in the Desert. Performers sharing stories and music.

“We’ll always miss Amber. We’ll miss her loving smile. We’ll always miss her ideas and concepts and the way she treated people,” musician, Alvin Taylor said.

The singer, known as Keisha D, met Lane while mentoring her son,19-year-old Brian Conroy, the man accused of pulling the trigger and ultimately killing lane.

“I’m praying for him and i’m praying for whatever’s going on and when he comes to the realization of what’s going on that we still have to keep our arms around him as well, because he loved his mom. He really did love her with all his heart,” Keisha D.

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