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Local Seventh grader organizes school blood drive

Today was “Giving Tuesday,” a good day for a local student’s project to save lives.

A blood drive just wrapped up this afternoon at Palm Desert Charter Middle School.

6th and 7th graders were assigned an “Environmental Service Learning Project,” where they need to volunteer and serve others.

The blood drive was the idea of one student who got LifeStream involved after coming up with the idea to “give the gift of life.”

“It feels really good inside my heart. I know I can’t give my own blood, but my parents can, and all my friend’s parents can. So it just feels really good inside to know that people are getting healthier at the moment and because we’re giving blood,” said Karly, a 7th grader at PDCMS.

“Young students who are not old enough to give blood understand the importance of it and get others give in their name. When they get old enough, hopefully, they’ll continue this great community involvement by giving blood,” said Martin Arredondo, of the LifeStream Blood Bank.

Everyone who came out to donate was given a free movie ticket for their effort.

KESQ News Team


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