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Shoppers hit stores for post-Christmas sales

Packed parking lots and lines in front of stores, it was a busy post-Christmas shopping day at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon. People scoured stores for deals on the items they wanted.

Retailers are slashing prices to get rid of their 2016 stock, gearing up in anticipation for the Spring.

Dan Newbold, a shopper from Temecula, was able to score clearance deals on some board shorts, he says he prefers shopping the day after Christmas compared to the chaos of Black Friday.

“It’s kind of nice, it’s kind of relaxing today. The lines aren’t too long and actually, it’s a good day,” Newbold said.

Outlet officials said despite Christmas being over, the day after the holiday remains one of its busiest shopping days of the year. Top 5 in terms of volume of shoppers.

“A lot of people coming in, making those post-holiday purchases, looking forward to the new year so they have a different focus,” said Mahasti Islami with the Desert Premium Outlets.

It’s also a day of returns, according to a 2017 survey by the National Retailer Federation said about two-thirds of shoppers made at least one return in the last holiday season.

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