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Polo season has arrived in the Coachella Valley

It’s the soft opening of the season at Empire Polo Club and players are ready to kick off the new year of play.

“It’s going to be a fabulous season here. We’ve got a great lineup of players. We’ve got players from around the country and around the world coming to play with us this year,” said Operations Manager Kevin Ittig.

The new year also means a few new things at Sunday polo, including pizzas served up from the new Polo Pizza Kitchen.

“Friday night polo its going to be spectacular this year. We’re putting on some really good games,” Ittig said.

And even if you don’t know a thing about the sport, there’s something for everyone.

“For me it’s all about watching the horses. The horses are the most special part of the game. As a former polo player there’s a bond the polo player has with the horses,” Ittig said.

Sunday polo games are scheduled every week from Dec. 31 through April 1, with matches starting at noon and 2 p.m.

“Bring someone new to the polo field, we’ll try to make them feel welcome and introduce them to the game where they understand what they’re watching,” Ittig said.

General admission is free with a $20 parking fee for all Sunday afternoon polo games. The offical opening of the season will kick off with hat day on Sunday Jan. 7.

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