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Students thank artist for his campus murals

Armed only with a paint brush and a well-decorated palette, Blum has created six murals around campus. The one up front, he got paid for. The rest he volunteered to paint. Why?

Blum said, “Art programs throughout the country have been cut and deleted and eliminated. And I think that’s such a sin because there’s so much untapped talent in the youth.” Blum added, “They just need exposure to creativity.”

Some of his creations include kids throwing a jam session and playing musical instruments.

Students and staffers at Indio’s Amelia Earhart Elementary School thanked a muralist, Keith Blum, Tuesday. Blum volunteered his time and talents to paint several murals on campus.

Keith Blum has been painting murals at Amelia Earhart Elementary School, hoping to inspire its young students.

With a quiet intensity, Blum has been steadily transforming some otherwise barren walls on campus.

Blum described one mural, “This little girl is working out calculations on a chalkboard, and this boy is studying his book.”

Also, a girl twirling a baton, kids picking oranges from a tree, children gardening, and other creative activities.

“So I got a little boy up there on a ladder painting the school logo to show kids they can do this,” said Blum.

His work certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, drawing questions and comments from many young students.

There was no shortage of appreciation Tuesday at this School of International Studies. Students and staff gathered to thank Blum, in person.

“Keith is inspiring kids with his art, and it’s really neat to see these walls come alive with the kids.”

Teachers say this is a special thing to accomplish on a school’s budget. And now a priceless addition to this school.

Blum has also painted murals at other Indio schools and at the Palm Springs Boys and Girls Club.

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