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Health officials: No public health threat at Salton Sea

Community health concerns over the Salton Sea were raised once again after the California Department of Fish and Game revealed that thousands of migrating birds have died at the Salton Sea from Jan. 8 to Jan 17.

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Imperial Valley Environmental Health officials announced today there is no public health risk related to the mass death of birds.

Ducks, gulls and other birds were killed by the bird disease, avian cholera, according to the Department of Game & Fish.

Health officials say the disease is bird to bird. This strain of avian cholera was brought on by migrating birds coming in contact with each other during this winter season.

Despite this, Comite Civico del Valle, an environmental justice group, say they’re not sure it’s entirely safe for people to be near the south end of the lake. The thousands of dead birds were reportedly found on the south side of the Salton Sea.

The group said this latest crisis shows just how much the area needs help.

“It does bring to reality what we’ve been saying all along, what everybody has been saying all along, Salton Sea needs attention, it needs immediate resources. It needs accelerated funding, accelerated interventions,” said Jose Luis Olmedo of Comite Civico del Valle.

Health officials say they are still getting more information about the incident and will take appropriate action if needed.

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