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ID Scanner Flags Bad Bar Behavior

After a series of violent crimes at bars and nightclubs in downtown Palm Springs, some businesses are embracing a new service to monitor bad behavior. They’re trying to curb it from happening more than once.

Businesses like a rooftop bar, Moxie, have begun using what’s called “Patron Scan.” Owner of Moxie, Oscar Babb, says his business started using the service 6 months ago.

“Making sure that this person is of age. That they actually are who they say they are​ and that identification is valid, legal, current, non-expired and non-tempered.”

The tool scans I.D.’s and captures an image to compare the person to their photo. Babb says it has become essential in keeping his customers safe from potentially troubled patrons.

“We’re able to make some notes in the system and when you come back to our establishment, it’s going to remind us that this is something you were involved with in the past,” said Babb.

From there, the staff has the option to allow or refuse service. The flagging system also allows business owners the option to keep internal notes for up to 5 years, for offending customers. They can also choose whether they want to share that information with other businesses. In more extreme cases, like assault, law enforcement can also request that information.

KESQ inquired about what happens to non-offenders’ information, taken at an establishment that uses the system. A spokesperson for Patron Scan says it only stays in the system for 30 days.

For more information on the program, you can find more information on the link below.


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