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Dog dragged behind pickup doing much better, available to adopt

A German shepherd dragged behind a pickup truck, suffering injuries to her feet and abdomen, is mostly healed and ready for adoption, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

Agency spokesman John Welsh said that, as of this week, 8-month-old “Beauty” is gaining weight and has largely recovered from the July 29 incident that left her with extensive wounds.

“The wounds no longer require bandage changes, but veterinary team members are still applying a topical spray daily,” county veterinarian Dr. Sara Strongin said.

Short video of Beauty’s recovery (Courtesy of Riverside County Department of Animal Services)

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She said the canine is 10 pounds heavier and is moving around normally, loaded with energy, unlike when she first arrived at the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley.

Beauty’s trauma prompted an investigation that is still ongoing, according to Welsh. He said that on the evening of July 29, the tethered dog was riding in the bed of a pickup on Carter Drive in Mead Valley when she either fell or jumped out, resulting in her being pulled alongside the vehicle, causing her paws and underbelly to be ripped up.

Witnesses yelled and chased the driver, trying to make her stop, which she eventually did, according to Welsh.

An animal control officer was summoned to the location and found Beauty and her then-owner, whose identity was not released, parked on Carter. The woman told the officer she did not realize the German shepherd had been tossed out of the pickup because she was listening to loud music.

However, she promised she would take the dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Welsh said the injured canine was left on Carter, apparently abandoned, and neighbors called the Department of Animal Services to report the dog’s predicament.

Beauty was then taken to the Jurupa Valley shelter.

Animal Services Director Dr. Allan Drusys said the matter illustrates the dangers of hauling dogs in truck beds. He said pets should be secured inside crates instead.


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