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EXCLUSIVE: Former Sen. Barbara Boxer discusses Kamala Harris as VP pick

Former Senator and Coachella Valley resident Barbara Boxer spoke one-on-one with News Channel 3's Jake Ingrassia about Joe Biden's choice of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running pate.

Boxer represented California in the U.S. Senate from 1993 to 2017. She did not seek reelection in 2016 and was succeeded by Harris.

"I think this ticket, just the ticket itself, unites us," Boxer said, adding that Harris is an historic pick for vice president, as the first woman of color on a major party ticket.

But Boxer said Harris has made history over and over before, including by becoming a U.S. Senator.

"I was hopeful that we would see a woman of color take my place," Boxer said. "So when she won, it was history."

When asked why she thinks Harris is the vice president choice Joe Biden needs to win, Boxer said, "They represent unity. Man, woman, different ethnic backgrounds. I think it's fabulous. It reflects what society is going through right now where we're trying to come together as opposed to Trump tearing us apart."

Boxer said Harris has the resume to bring a unique skillset to the White House. "She's been both an executive and a legislature," she said. "And that's a great thing, because if he gives her a project, she'll know how to lead. She'll also know how to go to the senate and the house and get it done."

On the contentious exchange during the last round of Democratic debates when Harris confronted Biden on busing and segregation, Boxer said it showed Harris's toughness – something she and Biden have already overcome together.

"I’ve known Joe since forever. What this shows is how Joe is such a compassionate, understanding person, he didn’t hold it against her," Boxer said. "She’s tough. Now she’s gonna debate Mike Pence. I can hardly wait."

Looking ahead to November, Boxer said she's optimistic there will be a change in the Oval Office. But she's worried about voter suppression ahead of the election.

"They're even going after the post office. They're trying to slow down the mail. When you can't win and you don't want to reach out, what do you do? You try to scare people into not voting," Boxer said. "The minute you get your ballot ... get that ballot right in the mail, whoever you're for, because we want to make sure it's counted."

The Biden campaign has announced that the presumptive nominee and Kamala Harris will deliver remarks together tomorrow in Wilmington, Delaware.

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