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John Kennedy Elementary prepares for first drive-through book fair this weekend

John Kennedy Elementary School in Indio is hosting their first drive-through book fair this weekend!

“Families do not need to get out of their cars," Adrienne Perez, the librarian at John Kennedy Elementary told News Channel 3. "They will drive all the way through to the very end where I will be to cash them out and then they can go on their merry way and enjoy their books!” she said.

The book fair is open to the public this Saturday, March 27 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“I’m excited to see all the families and it’s not only our families, but it’s also our entire community from other schools, whoever would like to come out we would welcome them to be a part of our book fair," principal of John Kennedy Elementary, Patricia Rice said.

They’ll have books for Pre-K to the 6th-grade level.

“We have books for all different prices," Rice said. "Anywhere from a few dollars up to ten dollars so there’s a variety of books," she added. "We have fun books, research books, science books, dinosaur books, we have so many fun things they can choose from," she said.

If you need financial assistance in getting a book for your child contact Perez to apply for their scholarship program.

Perez said it has been over a year since the school held a book fair.

“I typically have two a year so the kids were asking for one so I thought I’d put one together but virtually it’s just not the same so I moved it outside and now they’re super excited to see the books in person,” Perez said.

Perez said having a physical book in their hands is so beneficial right now to give kids a break from the screen.

“When you tell a kid to read a book it’s a chore but when they come to the book fair they pick the book they want therefore they want to read it," Perez said.

If you cannot make it to the book fair you can also purchase books from the book fair online here:

“I would encourage everybody to come out this weekend," Perez said. "With kids being in school and on their computers this is a great opportunity to get them out and feeling like it’s something normal again, back to their old school habits and it can’t hurt to put a book in their hand," she added.

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