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Election night win for Uber and Lyft – new taxes on commercial and industrial properties in question

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After spending more than $200 million in their efforts to persuade voters to back proposition 22, Uber, Lyft and other app-based service providers are celebrating a convincing win Wednesday morning.

With the proposition passing, new wage and labor policies will be adopted for people who drive for the companies.

Those who work for the companies will be classified as independent contractors and not as employees.

Proposition 15 calls for property tax valuations for commercial and industrial properties based on a property's current market value, rather than at the time of purchase.

As of 11:00 Wednesday morning, the state tally showed 51.7% of Californians voted against the measure.

Today News Channel 3 will look to speak with app-based drivers to get their perspective on the approval of Proposition 22.

We will also look to speak with business owners and property owners who could be impacted by Proposition 15, depending on the outcome.

Catch the full story online later today, and tonight on-air on News Channel 3.

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