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Loopers let loose! Caddies in town for tournament enjoy night of fun at the Lights at Indio GC

We're all looking forward to the world class golf this week at the 63rd American Express, featuring some of the best players on the planet.

But for how good the pros are, they don't win without their caddies, the unsung heroes in the sport who often get overlooked.

But not on Wednesday night.

Not at the local-favorite municipal golf course in Indio where caddies enjoyed a round of golf and maybe a couple rounds of drinks, too!

Caddies of PGA TOUR pros participate in a round of golf on Wednesday night at the Lights at Indio GC

"Well, I'm not a very good player so you know, being a caddie's fun because I get to actually see good golf when I caddie. When I come out here and play myself, we'll just see how many beers I can get down tonight," said Aaron Flener, caddie of J.T. Poston.

Aaron Flener (left) and Brian Vranesh (right) enjoy some fun under the lights

"We're here to have fun, maybe have a few beverages," said Steve Hulka.

"Any time we can play golf, we all love playing golf, it's hard with this job though because a lot of them want to practice from sun up to sun down but luckily we have the lights here and we get to smash it around," said Brian Vranesh.

"We don't get to do this too often," said Hulka.

A well struck shot into the night sky from one the caddies playing in the 9-hole event

"The caddie gig is pretty cool. As a former player I represented caddies as best as I could. They are a team. If you aren't a team you're a lonely player on the tour if you try to do it all alone," said Dennis Paulson.

"My guy doesn't ask me a lot when we get on the greens, he's one of the best putters on tour so I just go over to the side get my pom poms out and cheer him on you know," said Flener.

Good times all around for the caddies who came out to the Lights at Indio GC ahead of the 2022 American Express
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