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Now Hiring: Palm Springs Unified School District looking for positions at all levels

The school year is in full swing at the Palm Springs Unified School District and they're looking for help educating the next generation.

"We're looking for positions at all levels. I could say our priority right now is on the certificated, substitute teacher position," said Tony Signoret, PSUSD's Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

PSUSD says that they are looking for substitute teachers, on-campus security, and paraprofessionals who assist teachers in their special education classrooms.

"Our special education department will train our healthcare professionals in what the job entails. again, every job is going to be slightly different because of the type of student in the classroom," Signoret said.

If you've dreamed of teaching in your own classroom, the district says that working as a substitute is a great place to start.

"As a substitute teacher, just having a bachelor's degree is the number one requirement. They don't have to have a teaching credential, we can help them attain the substitute permit," Signoret said.

The district says that they offer internal programs to help guide substitutes toward teaching programs, including connections with local universities.

"The other things as far as the skills, the experience, those things that we can help teach, we can handle that. but it's really the love of kids love and passion and helping kids grow," Signoret said.

And students aren't the only ones encouraged to grow at PSUSD

"We've noticed that those key members of our district, the real fabric of our district, are those people that are from here, and we help to help them grow. so absolutely upward mobility is our top priority," Signoret said.

For full-time positions, the district says that they offer medical, dental, and vision insurance.

"So please join us. we've got glad to have you on board," Signoret said.

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