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Fish are friends: September “One Class At A Time” winner to buy class aquariums

James McClure, a fifth grade teacher at Rancho Mirage Elementary School in Rancho Mirage, is the September "One Class At A Time" award winner. McClure said he plans on using the $500 funds on class aquariums so that his students can learn about the ecosystem.

"The aquariums will become a central component for their exploration of a specific type of ecosystem, a freshwater one," McClure wrote to KESQ. "The students will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the energy flow in organisms in a self-contained environment. But on an even more important side, through their work on the tanks, the students will develop other 21st-century job skills [like] collaboration, communication, leadership, initiative, and problem-solving."

The award is a joint effort between Walter Clark Legal Group and KESQ.

Angela Chen

Angela comes to the Coachella Valley as KESQ’s morning anchor after teaching graduate school classes at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication. Learn more about Angela here.


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