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PDHS freshman preps for National Teen Miss World America competition

A freshman from Palm Desert High School is dancing her way into the National Teen Miss World America competition.

She’ll be representing the state of California and also advocating for a cause very close to her heart. Eye on the Desert’s Caitlin Thropay met with Sabrina Safron to learn about how she is preparing for the pageant.

14-year-old Sabrina Safron from La Quinta is beauty, brains and one talented dancer and last July she decided to try something that brings together all of her talents.

“I’ve been a dancer forever and I’m such a girly girl and I love dresses and tiaras and sashes and I always loved titles at dance competitions, and I was like, ‘I want to go big this year’ and I heard about the Miss World Pageant and I was looking online and I found it and submitted, and we came to the regionals and that’s how I won my title,” she said.

Call it beginner’s luck or simply a natural performer, she ended up winning the title of Teen Miss World America California.

Today, Sabrina rehearses her dance routine in preparation for the national competition set in Las Vegas starting on October 10.

“I’m feeling really excited. I love competing on stage and acting and everything so being on stage is definitely my home,” she said.

This freshman from Palm Desert High School offers more than her talent, she dances with purpose and stands up for a cause near and dear to her heart.

“In this pageant we have something called, ‘beauty with a purpose’ which is a cornerstone of the pageant and as you can tell by my shirt it says, ‘dancer against cancer,'” she said.

“I chose this as my beauty with a purpose because my father passed away when I was 12 years old of stomach cancer, and he was only diagnosed about two weeks before he passed away so I really want to use my platform to spread awareness about getting tested early and as well as fundraise,” she said.

She’ll be competing against all of the other state title winners at the upcoming pageant. But Sabrina says she’s not nervous at all.

“When I dance on stage I’m actually never nervous. I’m always excited to go and with my teammates I’m like let’s do this and it’s just so much fun and when I’m on stage I honestly think about nothing except for the lights and everyone watching me and I’m like this is amazing,” she shared.

Sabrina hopes to one day audition for the Rockettes or go to the Joffrey Ballet School. She’ll compete in the National Teen Miss World America competition next week from October 10 -12 in Las Vegas.

We’ll be rooting for you Sabrina!

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