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Halloween safety tips

Halloween should be spooky, not scary. Follow the tips here to ensure you and your children have a safe, fun-filled holiday.

1. Stay well-lit. Plan costumes that are reflective, or consider adding reflective tape to your child's costume. This will ensure you are seen by drivers on the road.

2. Keep costumes short. Make sure your child's costume doesn't drag on the ground as they walk. This can lead to dangerous trips and falls, especially in the dark.

3. Sort through your child's candy. When the trick-or-treating is finished for the night, check your child's bag and sort through all of the candy they received. Throw away any pieces that are open or not in the original wrapper.

4. Plan a route nearby. Police and community leaders recommend parents plan a route in advance that is close to home or in an area that is familiar to both the parents and children. Be sure to stick to the route to avoid getting lost and keep your children within eyesight the whole night.

KESQ News Team

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