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Tips for keeping your cat cool in warm weather

As the weather heats up, it's important to keep your cat safe in the heat.

Follow these steps to help your cat cool off this summer.

-- Keep him or her calm. When cats are running around and stressed out they tend to get hotter.
-- Create a cool retreat. Move your cat's bed into a dark and cool room to encourage him or her to relax and take it easy.
-- Let your cat choose his or her spot. Cats know when they are hot and when they need to cool down. If your cat chooses to lie on the cool, tile floor, then allow him or her to do so.
-- Wet your cat's ears and paws. Applying cool moisture to your cat's ears and paws will allow the blood to cool there, and will help circulate cooler blood to cool them off. You can also lay down cool, chilled towels on the floor for your cat to lie on.
-- Provide plenty of water. Make sure your cat stays hydrated. If it's really hot out, you can provide chilled water - or even put ice cubes in it.



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