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Palm Springs Animal Shelter sees increase in families giving up pets due to the pandemic, here’s how to help

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter says more and more people are having to give up their pets due to the pandemic. 

“Over the past week or two we’ve seen a big uptick in owner surrenders,” said Catie Voglio, Marketing & Graphics Specialist, Palm Springs Animal Shelter. 

The shelter says this is largely because people are losing their housing situations: “Unfortunately people are having to surrender animals they have adopted from us prior. They’re moving back in with family and there’s just not enough space in the house,” explained Voglio. 

She says sadly, dogs that were once puppies adopted from the shelter are now being returned years later. 

“It’s incredibly traumatic for the dog. They don’t know what to do or who to trust,” said Gabrielle Amster, Executive Director, Palm Springs Animal Shelter. 

Voglio showed News Channel 3’s Madison Weil three dogs that have recently been returned to the shelter: Pepper, her sister Shasta, and Bonnie. 

Up for Adoption: "Pepper"

“Pepper is three years old. She’s a black lab mix,” said Voglio. Her sister Shasta is also a lab mix with a lighter coloring. “If someone wants to adopt them together they can. We know they get along well. They’re both really sweet. We’re excited to have them, but can’t wait to see what homes they get into,” said Voglio. 

Up for Adoption: "Shasta"

Bonnie is another dog recently returned eight years after being adopted. “When she came in she was completely terrified, shut down...but she’s come a long way,” said Voglio.  

Up for Adoption: "Bonnie"

Voglio says since all three dogs came from long-term homes, they are already trained and in need of a new home as soon as possible.  

“If you’re considering bringing a new animal into your home, please consider adopting first. There are so many amazing animals who have spent their whole lives in homes...they’re potty trained and they know the rules,” she said. 

The executive director says if people are struggling to care for their pets, they can always bring them to the shelter, but they also offer resources to help people keep their pets during tough times: “If they need food...we can help with that. We can help with spay and neuter surgeries. We can help with vaccinations,” added Amster. 

With the increase in animals the shelter is seeing, on top of recent budget cuts, they are in need of the community’s help. To donate to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter click here. 

To view adoptable animals or get involved with the shelter click here.

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