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Pet/CT Scans


The Biograph LSO is a Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate (LSO) Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) scanner. It is the fastest, most sophisticated and powerful scanning device on the market. Mechanical fusion of a PET scanner and a CT scanner allows gathering of precise, high-resolution images to view detailed anatomy along with the biological processes/metabolism of tissue and cells in a single, noninvasive procedure. Far superior in speed, sensitivity and specificity, the Biograph LSO at Eisenhower Imaging Center is the only PET/CT scanner in the entire Inland Empire.

STANDARD USE:The PET/CT scanning system fuses the precise anatomical images of CT with the functional images of PET that is an essential tool for the detection, treatment and monitoring of major diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Using specialized contrast agents, the PET/CT provides exact information about the presence, location, size and activity of altered cells that are associated with these diseases.

This extremely valuable for:

Initial detection of disease Monitoring of treatment progress Follow up evaluation for recurrence

Contact Eisenhower Imaging Center at (760) 674-3850 for more information.

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