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KESQ-DT Is On The Air!

You can now receive digital television programming for free if you have a digital television set or monitor and an ATSC (digital TV) tuner. KESQ-DT is now on the air, broadcasting a crystal-clear digital signal to the entire Coachella Valley. During the day we broadcast our programming in the 4 X 3 aspect ratio. You’ll notice black bars on the side of the picture when you watch 4 X 3 programming on a wide-screen digital monitor. Beginning in prime time, and for selected sports events, we carry all of ABC-TV’s high-definition digital programming. (Please note that not all network programming is high definition at this time.) High definition programming is broadcast in the 16 X 9 wide-screen format. Your digital monitor or TV should adjust itself automatically to wide screen programming. All of our digital programming is broadcast in the 720p format. Your digital tuner will automatically adjust itself to accommodate this format.

To receive over-the-air digital broadcasts, you’ll need an ATSC tuner and an antenna. Our digital signal is so powerful that many people should be able to receive our DTV broadcasts with a simple indoor UHF antenna. If not, you’ll need an outdoor UHF antenna. In that case, be sure the antenna is pointed at Edom Hill just north of Cathedral City. Our digital TV transmitter is located at the same site as our analog transmitter.

Typically, once your antenna is hooked up to your digital tuner, you will use your set’s menu navigation system to tell your digital TV set to perform a “DTV channel search.” The tuner will locate all local digital broadcasts and will notify you when the search is done. At that time, you should be able to switch freely between digital TV stations.

FCC regulations require over-the-air digital TV channels to be the same as a station’s over-the-air analog channel. KESQ-TV broadcasts on analog channel 42. You will see KESQ-DT’s digital programming on digital channel 42-1. This designates our primary programming asthe number-one program stream on digital channel 42. In time, we will add more programming on digital channels 42-2, 42-3, and so on. You should also be able to push the “info” button on your remote and see information about the digital signal, the program schedule, parental advisories, and closed captioning availability.

For a complete schedule of our digital programming, click on the link to

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