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Part 4: Did McGowan’s Partner Know Too Much?

Is former District Attorney Investigator Luis Bolaños the man who knew too much about the possible cause of partner David McGowan’s murder-suicide?

McGowan shot his wife, three children, and his mother before killing himself in his mountain home.

“He confided in me that he was being pressured by Chief Clay Hodson of the D.A.’s and Assistant Chief Rick Nelson to change his findings in an investigation involving numerous police officers from Desert Hot Springs,” Bolaños says.

Four officers were fired in Desert Hot Springs for filing false reports. Bolaños says McGowan was pressured to say they were guilty.

Before McGowan’s funeral, family and friends asked Luis Bolaños to deliver the eulogy.

Bolaños says he knew McGowan feared losing his job if he didn’t change his investigation findings. Work-related problems were quickly dismissed by the District Attorney’s office led by Grover Trask at the time.

Bolaños’ bosses demanded they read the eulogy before the service.

“He asks me ‘is that the eulogy?’ I said ‘yes sir’ that is. And then his next statement was ‘May I read it?’ And I just knew where this came from. I looked at Clay and I told him the same thing I told Chief Hodson. ‘No sir, respectfully, no.'”

People leaving the funeral recalled who spoke at the service.

“Just a real represented service,” one attendee said recalling the list of authorities who were there.

Bolaños says his bosses were afraid he would mention McGowan’s work problems in the eulogy.

“Chief Clay Hodson had two investigators standing by the podium ready to pull me off the podium if I said anything inappropriate during the eulogy.

D.A.’s office spokesperson Ingrid Wyatt says they don’t comment on employment actions or any allegations contained therein.

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