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Part 5: D.A.’S Chief Investigator Retires

NewsChannel 3 has learned that the chief investigator at the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office is stepping down from his post.

The D.A.’s office says Clay Hodson as planning his retirement for a while. It wasn’t until the beginning of NewsChannel 3’s special investigation inside the D.A.’s office that Hodson left.

Still, other people within the office say Hodson’s departure was unexpected.

This week’s retirement announcement by Hodson also comes as the D.A.’s office is confirming that it is cooperating with the FBI’s investigation inside the office.

The investigation stems on the ousting of former investigator Luis Bolaños’ and why he was not hired back even when he was exonerated for domestic violence and perjury charges in 2005.

Bolaños says several people are coming out to speak for the embattled former investigator.

“I’ve received dozens and dozens of phone calls from numbers of the local law enforcement community including individuals who are still employees within the D.A.’s office in just complete support of my cause and my case.”

Recently retired FBI agent Joe Stuart was one of the first who took complaints from people claiming the DA’s office ignored evidence that ultimately exonerated Bolanos of all charges.

“I did have a chance to interview an individual who came to the FBI with the feeling that her information she provided to the District Attorney’s office was not heard or not given the full analysis that it should be,” Stuart says.

The D.A.’s office says it doesn’t comment on employment actions or any allegations contained therein.

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