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Part 11: Did McGowan Leave Clues Of His Impending Massacre?

NewsChannel 3 has now obtained pictures connected to the investigation of a Riverside County D.A. investigator’s murder-suicide.

The new pictures were taken by the Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit on the day D.A. investigator David McGowan committed the murder of his family and before committing suicide over two years ago.

With these pictures, new questions are being brought up focusing on signs that may have lead to McGowan’s depression leading up to the incident.

The pictures also may indicate that the District Attorney’s office may have possibly ignored crucial evidence before finishing an investigation into the murder-suicide.

The D.A.’s office has maintained that McGowan showed no problems at work.

But the pictures, were told, show McGowan cleared his workplace and removed all personal photos a full week before the massacre.

When the Sheriff’s Department investigated the May 10, 2005 murder-suicide at McGowan’s local mountain home, they also took several photos of his cubicle at work that same day.

The District Attorney and Sheriff’s Department announced that McGowan had just returned from vacation.

District Attorney Grover Trask said that McGowan had no problems at work.

But does McGowan’s desk cleared of all personal photos and most mementos a full week before the massacre show that there were major problems at work that were ignored or went unnoticed?

NewsChannel 3 showed the photos to McGowan’s old partner Luis Bolaños.

“The pictures, the family pictures would be where there’s space,” Bolaños says pointing out empty spots in the evidence photos. “He had family pictures in frames here, taped to the cabinet. You walk into his office and it was like looking into his past and you can see pictures of everybody in his family.”

About the only things left are a birthday card and a doll.

Both were given to him by his boss Rick Nelson.

Bolaños says McGowan had been pressured by both Nelson and Chief Clay Hodson over an investigation of the Desert Hot Springs police.

Hodson left his position just as NewsChannel 3’s investigation began. In addition, Nelson retired.

McGowan’s calendar remains marked with meetings planned after the day of the murder suicide.

Bolaños also says McGowan took something crucial a week before the shootings.

“He took his guns home that were there,” Bolaños says pointing to a bottom door of McGowan’s desk.

The District Attorney was quick to point out the day after the murder suicide that McGowan had no problems at work.

NewsChannel 3 also showed the pictures to another D.A. investigator who knew David McGowan and he also confirms the missing personal photos.

NewsChannel 3 has contacted the Riverside County District Attorney’s office for response. They said they have no comment at this time but they’d check and possibly get back to us.

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