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Patient Testimonials

Six months ago, you performed a miracle I call the Lasik laser eye surgery — a miracle because I no longer wear glasses.

The alarm clock is visible in the morning; sweat doesn’t for my glasses; swimming is spontaneous and worry free; and best of all: I will be able to see my new baby when she is born and growing up without the hassle of glasses.

My vision was very poor and I lead an active life. Many of your peers said I was the perfect candidate. I visited several clinics, attended seminars and explored the Internet for several years. I even had another doctor conduct a pre-exam. But, I still had concerns.

You were the only doctors that gave me real answers to my questions. I was very concerned since I valued the little vision I had. After you honestly answered my questions (not with canned responses) you gave me a very compete eye exam, measure the moisture in my eye, the thickness of the cornea, computer mapped the eyes, etc. The other clinics never gave me such tests,

Your professionalism, honest answers and meticulous attention to detail gave me the confidence to have the procedure. It was the best thing I have ever done. The follow-up care continues to impress me. I feel comfortable in recommending you to anyone I know. Thanks again.

Sincerely and seeing clearly,

KESQ News Team


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