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100 Local Employees Affected By Circuit City Liquidation

Circuit City is closing its doors.

The remaining 567 stores in the US, including two in the Coachella Valley, will be liquidating merchandise.

This comes on the heels of the company closing more than 100 stores at the end of last year.

In all, 76 California stores are shutting down, but there’s one here the Desert that never even got to open.

The sign is up, the building looks done, even the parking lot is painted at what was suppose to be a new Circuit City on Monterey Avenue in Palm Desert. But no one is moving in anytime soon.

The closure will leave about 34,000 people without a job nationwide.

A manager of the La Quinta store tells News Channel 3 there are about 100 employees at the two stores here in the Desert.

Circuit City gave their associates a 60-day notice of termination, and even if they don’t work for that whole period, they will be paid.

Employees at the store in La Quinta told us off camera they were disappointed.

The complications from closing the doors aren’t just affecting employees.

We caught up with Stacie Passmore who on his way into the Circuit City in Palm Desert to find out if the warranty on his TV he bought there would still be honored.

Passmore says they told him the warranty is no longer good.

It’s unclear how long gift cards will be honored, but as of Friday, stores are still accepting them.

Liquidators will be arriving at stores across the country this weekend, and closing sales are set to start as early as Saturday.

The manager at the La Quinta store says their sale will start sometime over the weekend, and the manager of the Palm Desert store declined to comment.

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