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Bilingual Play ‘Our Dad Is In Atlantis’ Relatable To The Valley

INDIO – The Indio Performing Arts Center is gearing up for the premiere of an immigration tale set to open March 7.

The bilingual play “Our Dad is in Atlantis” tells the story of two young immigrants’ journey to find their father.

In the tragic comedy by Javier Malpica, the young brothers feel alone among relatives they hardly know and are forced to rely on each other for support. The boys’ mother has died and their father has left them.

Organizers of the play have left two brothers nameless instead calling them “Older Brother” and “Younger Brother.”

“It’s symbolic of an identity of different immigrants,” said assistant director Andrea Zuniga. “That’s why they don’t have a name because they end up losing themselves both metaphorically and in reality.”

In an attempt to find where their father is, the younger brother finds a letter from their father postmarked Atlanta, Georgia.

The Younger Brother, however, interprets it as ‘Atlantis,’ then, asks his teacher about this ‘Atlantis.’

“The teacher explains the whole, wonderful, mythical story of the land under the sea,” said play director Ron Celona.

The journey begins as they make a naive attempt to find their father hundreds of miles away.

Celona says while the play is not based on real events, it symbolizes the story that many people in the Coachella Valley can relate to.

Of the play’s journey to “Atlantis,” Celona equates it to a journey to “the land of opportunity” Celona also demonstrates”a way to earn a living to be able to support his family back in Mexico.”

Most importantly, Zuniga explains, the play can connect to anyone.

“A person who is Caucasian will look at this and seetwo children and it will really start to feel for them because of they’re children. They’ll start thinking about other issues.”

The play is hosted by the Coachella Valley Repertory, a theater company whose goal is to reach out to the Coachella Valley.

The play is scheduled for Saturdays, in English, on March 7 and 14 at 7 p.m. and for Sundays, in Spanish, on March 8 and 15 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are available at the Indio Performing Arts Center at 45-175 Fargo Street in Indio or by phone at 760-775-5200.

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