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Golden Apple Recipient Shares Her Passion For Music

RANCHO MIRAGE – Different melodies have played throughout Jeri Lynn Urosevic’s life. February’s News Channel 3 Golden Apple Award recipient’s love for music began as a child, and since then, if it involves music, she’s done it.

She recorded for television and movies, including an Oscar Meyer weiner commercial, she admitted.

Although she’s no longer on the big stage performing, a Rancho Mirage classroom gives “Mrs. Jeri,” as her young students call her, a different platform and her students are certainly taking notes.

“It makes me happy,” said one student about the class. “Music class is my favorite class.”

In these tough economic times, many schools cut their music programs, but not at Marywood Palm Valley. The students look forward to this class all week.

Mrs. Jeri says music is a creative outlet, breaking up the day, and as soon as the songs begin, students are right on key, working together and having fun.

Although her students’ don’t have a big audience now, Mrs. Jeri encourages them all to follow her cue and reach for the stars.

“Who knows? One of these kids may be the next Madonna.”

Some of these students are already writing their future, and, although they’re not aspiring to be Madonna, their eyes are set on center stage.

When asked what they would like to be when they grow up, students had with musical leanings – from music star to music teacher.

“I want to be like Hannah Montana,” said one student.

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