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Woman, Daughter Looking For Ice Cream Man Struck By Car

After the school bell rings, Raevin Rossi meets her mother at the corner of Washington Street and Mountain View in Palm Desert.

It’s the same spot where just last week the ice cream man, Pablo, got hit by a truck.

Pablo did not suffer any serious injuries, but he did go to the hospital.

“I was sad because I’ve known him for a long, long time– like five years,” Raevin said. “He just meant a lot to everybody at the school.”

Raevin’s mother Stacy says Pablo is part of their community and they miss him.

“I’d mentioned to my daughter it’d be a good idea to raise money for Pablo to help him get a new cart because that is his livelihood,” Stacy said. “And an hour later, the girls came home with a fistful of money. So, I’ve been looking for Pablo.”

“We want to donate it to Pablo so he can get a new ice cream man truck and buy new supplies,” Raevin says.

They have the money, but they don’t have Pablo. They can’t find him to and give him the money they raised.

Police said the 48-year-oldice crem cart vendor was struck by a 51-year-old woman driving a pick-up truck at the crosswalk at Palm Royale on Feb. 26.

The cart was lodged under the truck.

The vendor sustained only head injuries. Officers cited the driver for not yielding at a crosswalk.

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