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Gun Safety Program Follows Deadly Shooting

Many people get guns to protect their homes and families. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department says about 40 percent of homeowners also own a gun. But many times, people should choose a different option.

“There’s less lethal ways of making yourself safe and your family safe,” says Cpl. Robert Pickowitz.

Pickowitz recommends using a taser, a home security system, or even something as simple as better door locks.

But if you choose a gun, make sure you and your family know how dangerous it can be.

A deadly shooting in Beaumont serves a tragic reminder. Moises Gonzalez, 12, of Beaumont died last Thursday. Police arrested his 12-year-old friend on suspicion of murder.

It’s unclear if the shooting was an accident or intentional, but it’s a reminder to be careful where and how you hide your guns.

Gun locks are often the first line of safety.

The Department of Justice requires gun stores to provide a lock and training on how to use it.

“I think everyone should know about this and, for many, it’s not common knowledge,” says Johnnie Woods, Executive Director for the Coachella Valley Security Academy.

The Sheriff’s Department recommends owners keep their guns un-loaded and locked upwhere children can’t get a hold of them.

Police also recommend keeping ammunition in a separate and secure place.

For extra protection, you can also buy a gun safe. They come in large sizes if you have a lot of guns or smaller cases if you have a few guns.

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