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Local Doctor Affected By Arrested Colleague With Similar Sounding Name

Dr. Lisa Bodon looks through patient files. Her Palm Springs OB/GYN office has a problem, though. Patients keep calling thinking Dr. Bodon was arrested and has a criminal file.

“It’s too many coincidences, surely. Thanks for calling. And no, it is not our doctor,” said receptionist Adria Ballesteros on the phone to a patient wondering about Dr. Bodon.

“I’ve had a lot of calls in my office of patients wondering if I was arrested,” Dr. Bodon explained. “And if they need to find another doctor to deliver their baby [because of that].”

A different doctor with the similiar sounding name Lisa Barden was arrested this week. Barden faces nearly 300 felony charges of stealing patient identities to get Oxycontin painkilling drugs. There are an amazing amount of similarities and coincidences between the two doctors.

Dr. Bodon says at one time their offices were in the same building.

And both are gynecologists, who just happened to come into practice in Palm Springs at the same time, explained Bodon’s partner Dr. William Schmitt.

Both doctors were friends. Their names even had the same middle initial.

But Dr. Barden came under suspicion in March 2008. She called police to say that she was mugged and nearly stabbed in the office parking lot one night. Further investigation indicated she may have made much of the story up. Dr. Barden is accused of stealing 30,000 prescription drugs.

Despite the confusion and the black mark put on her colleague, Dr. Bodon felt sorry for Dr. Barden.

“I felt bad for Dr. Barden. I think she is in a bad situation to act like that.”

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