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Funeral Services Today For Former Mayor Frank Bogert

By: Elyse Miller

News Channel 3 Reporter

PALM SPRINGS – About 700 mourners gathered in Palm Springs on Friday to say goodbye to the man known as the cowboy mayor. 99 year-old Frank Bogert died at his home home on Sunday night, surrounded by his family.

Family, friends, cowboys and community members say final goodbyes and pay respects to a man who forever changed many lives and this valley.

“When you think of Palm Springs you think of Frank Bogart from the convention center to the airport and the tramway,” says Palm Springs Mayor, Steve Pougnet.

At the memorial service mourners celebrate frank Bogert’s life, success and relationships.

“It’s a sad day because we lost a friend but a proud day because we were his friends,” says Hank Weeks.

Bogert is known as a man who wore many hats- as mayor, publicists, friend and of course, cowboy.

“Even though he was nearly 100 years old, he rode all of those years,” says friend, Rusty Richards.

Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet says Bogert blazed a trail leading to the success of Palm Springs. He was a man Pougnet went to for advise and guidance.

“He said do what is right and stick to your guns and you will do ok,” says Pougnet.

Others shared another side of Bogert, his sense of humor. Throughout the memorial service people wipe away tears and burst with laughter as they remember his practical jokes and wit.

“He was colorful to say the least,” says Richards.

Through the sadness, people force out smiles saying Bogert wouldn’t want it any other way. In true cowboy style, friends tip their hats to the life Bogert lived and all of the memories and accomplishments he leaves behind.

“This is one of the greatest guys of all times, it’s a passing of a legend,” says Weeks.

Bogert is survived by his 2nd wife, 3 daughters and several grandchildren. There’s a condolence book at Palm Springs Library for anyone who wants to leave a message for his family.

KESQ News Team


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