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Life Inside Scientology Headquarters ‘IntBase’ In Hemet

Up until the late 1990’s, each person inside received five cards. There’s a pay card, a berthing or “housing” card, a chow card, a social card, and, a bonus card. If the production statistics for a worker or their team go down, management took a card or two away.

If you lost your chow card, you had to make do with rice and beans. If you lost your berthing card, you lost your apartment. If you lost your pay card, you didn’t get money.

The card system was dropped some years back, but the system of privileges and punishments remain. Workers typically get $50 a week in cash on Fridays. To keep up with management production goals, some work up to a hundred hours a week.

Confidential IntBase sources say internet usage is severely restricted. All letters written inside are read first by the church’s Office of Special Affairs. Documents obtained by News Channel 3 state the Office of Special Affairs regularly works with private investigators.

Workers produce E-Meters used by the church, promotional videos and books. Since the workers are given room and board, they’re told they don’t get paid minimum wage because they are religious workers. Some are members of the elite Sea Organization. These administrative and intelligence workers sign contracts lasting one billion years.

When it comes to security, the spiked fences called “ultra barrier” are no secret. Confidential Scientology security sources tell us they went up after equipment thefts more than 20 years ago.

It’s also no secret there’s a camouflaged observation post in the hills above. Our cameras spotted it.

When it comes to weapons, this place is loaded. Scientology security sources confidentially tell News Channel 3 as of a few years ago there are:

Eight 12-gauge shotguns.

Six .45 caliber pistols with hollow-point bullets.

One bolt-action .308 caliber scoped sniper rifle.

The guards are not regularly armed – nor have they ever. News Channel 3 is investigating accounts that some guards have been armed on specific occasions. The weapons are kept in safes scattered around the base.

As far as all the cameras, they went up after multiple drive-by shootings 15 years ago.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department began to appreciate the cameras on the roadway.

Every time there was a chase or suspected criminal driving on Gilman Springs Road, the church handed over their video when asked by police and began a close relationship.

There is actually a three way war going on here. There is a group of protestors who often gather outside the gates. There is a group of Scientologists who left this place but still believe in their religion away from the reach of church administration. Those who remain behind these gates do so because they believe they are saving the world. The question some are now asking is: at what cost?

News Channel 3 continues its investigation Tuesday and Wednesday night at 11. Former Scientologist Maureen Bolstad speaks out about her years inside the Hemet Scientology headquarters.

KESQ News Team


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