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College Dreams Threatened By State Budget Crisis

PALM DESERT – For thousands of students, a college education is a dream and Cal Grants can make it come true. Now, a new proposal presents a very different reality. Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to cut Cal Grants.

“It will affect a lot of people going to college. They won’t be able to pay,” says Sarah Sullivan, Palm Desert High School graduate.

The proposal would eliminate all new Cal Grants and reduce the value of renewal grants. More than 200,000 California students would lose all or part of their grant money.

“I got a Cal Grant but I heard it may get taken away, ” says Francisco Fuentes, Desert Hot Springs High School graduate. “That’s not only a disappointment to me but for a lot of students around the state.”

In these tough times, more students are in need of financial assistance. They’re turning to scholarships, financial aid, and Cal Grants. Without this assistance, many students here in the valley won’t be able to afford a college education.

“I know students who reconsidered what college they will go to because they can’t afford it,” says Jay Thetford, Cathedral City High School graduate.

Through Cal Grants, students can pay for college with academic achievements instead of money. That is, if the proposal does not pass.

“That’s a lot of hard work, and for it to just be taken away, it’s disappointing,” says Fuentes.

Still students won’t give up. They hope persistence pays off if the grants don’t pay out.

“It’s going to make us try harder,” says Fuentes.

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