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Teens Suspected Of Burglary At Cathedral City High School

CATHEDRAL CITY – Three new graduates of Cathedral City High School are in jail Friday after police caught them breaking in and stealing from their own alma mater overnight.

Steven Ravenott, 18, is all smiles in his senior portrait. But he will be remembered best for possibly breaking the law.

“He was a good guy, I guess, like everybody else,” says Octavio John, who says he knew Ravenott. “He wasn’t a bad person, as far as I knew.”

Ravenott and two other fellow classmates — Jonathan Sims and Jesse Sanchez, both 19 —are accused of breaking into the very same school they all graduated from just last month.

All three played on the football team.

“It’s a shame. I mean, they graduated high school…with the hopes they were moving on,” says Roy Hill, Security Manager of Palm Springs Unified School District.

Police say the three graduates and a 17-year-old juvenile from Highland broke into the school’s student store at 2:00 a.m., Perhaps, they were unaware that every school in the district has an alarm system.

School workers say the burglary was an inside job. Ravenott worked at the student store.

The items the suspects allegedly stole: a case of Gatorade, some cookies, some petty cash, three lettermen patches, and hundreds of “Fruit Roll-Ups.”

“Why would you go and steal that?,” asks Ernesto Silva, a 2007 CCHS graduate. “It’s amazing. They have nothing better to do than vandalize.”

Campus security also say the suspects broke into the finance office located next door to the store.

According to the Cathedral City Police Department press release, the suspects allegedly tried to get away from officers by running west towards the football field. But, officers eventually nabbed them.

School staff and students say they are very disappointed that three of their own would do this. They say students are taught about respect on this campus, and this incident is downright disrespectful.

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