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Local Teens Help Struggling Teens

THOUSAND PALMS – Demand is high and supplies are low. These economic times are trying for shelters.

“We are struggling,” says Birgit Phillips, Safehouse Outreach Coordinator.

Operation Safehouse is in need, the Riverside County Youth Commission is helping.

A group of about 150 high school students launched “Operation Safehelp” a supplies drive benefiting Safehouse.

“In this economy there are not many resources out there so we are going to try and gather some to help them,” says Noel Loughrin, Youth Advisory Counsel Coordinator.

Safehouse offers free food, shelter and counseling for at-risk youth. Although it’s free to the teens, someone has to pay and Safehouse is struggling.

“Everyone is feeling the economy,” says Phillips.

The Youth Commission hopes to fulfill the need at Safehouse.

“Cleaning items, hygiene products, anything you need at home we need it for them, and they need a lot,” says Loughrin.

The supplies drive lasts a month, but the generosity and support could forever change these teens in need.

“When you have people to help you and comfort you it’s a lot easier to get adjusted and on track,” says Briana Jakell, La Quinta High School student.

For more information on the supplies drive, go to

For more information on Safehouse go to

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