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GOOD NEWS: Singles Find Love With Desert Matchmaker

INDIO – Sue Robinson and Bill Neeb are enjoying their golden years together.

“I could see some intelligence, some sense of humor, and some depth,” recalls Robinson, of Indio.

They met in January after months of dating disasters with incompatible and uninteresting people. For a moment, it seemed as if finding companionship in the Coachella Valley was a long shot.

“Let’s face it. This world was made to be for couples. When you’re single, it’s sometimes difficult,” Robinson says.

But, then came along Devan Scott. Scott is known as the “Head Matchmaker” for a Palm Desert matchmaking business known as Introductions, Inc. Introductions has dozens of offices nationwide, but this is the only one located in the desert.

The success rate of this particular office is 75%. The number of clients has increased by 27% compared to the same time last year.

Scott says the quality of their applicant pool is better than ever.

“Before it was ‘Maybe, I’ll give this a shot. This seems like fun,’ whereas people are a little bit more serious now. ‘I really want to do this. I really want to make this area in my life work.'”

Online dating sites are also reporting spikes in their memberships. For example, saw a 15% increase; reported a 40% jump. Scott says the matchmaking industry is recession-proof because — ultimately — everyone just wants to find love.

“I think a lot of people are feeling vulnerable right now,” explains Scott. “I think the economy is making people reflect on what is important in their lives. Maybe it is not so much the car or the jewelry or the trip to Europe.”

Sue Robinson and Bill Neeb are planningto go toSeattle this weekend since they both love traveling. They are engaged and may marry by the end of the year.

How will they explain to their family and friends how they met? Quite simply: They were introduced.

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