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New Cash For Clunkers Program Hurting Local Non-Profits

INDIO- The President’s Cash for Clunkers program is in full swing. It’s designed to get gas guzzlers off the streets and put Americans into newer, more fuel efficient cars.At the same time, the program is hurting non-profit charities here in the Coachella Valley.

Willard Mansker is homeless. He has been at Martha’s Village & Kitchenfor over two years. He was hit by a truck, became homeless because of the injury, and in turn lost custody of his daughter.

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV. Father Joe asks viewers to donate their used cars. He uses the money from car donations to keep places like Martha’s Village in Indio up and running. Donated cars accounted for $420,000 of income for Martha’s Village last year. They provide healthcare, child services, andfood programs for Coachella Valley homeless.

The help from donated cars could be coming to a screeching halt. With the President’s new Cash for Clunkers program, more people are receiving $3,500 to $4,500 trade-in for a new carrather than donating the old clunkers to programs like Martha’s Village.

“The concern is thattheCash for Clunkers programreduce the number of cars donated to Father Joe”, says Martha Village Executive Director John Wolohan.

The organization sayscar donationsare already down 60% from last year. Father Joe can get anywhere from a couple thousand to several thousand dollars for each donated car when auctioned. The owners get to use the auction price as a deduction on their taxes.

If you’d like to donate your vehicle go to Father Joe Villages or call 888-FATHER-JOE, 888-328-4375.

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