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Middle School Years Critical For Development

LA QUINTA- They’re not teenagers, but they’re not kids. Middle school students fall right in the middle. These junior high years are also some of the most critical.

“During this time, educators can really make a difference wether a child will understand and become a good student or if they will fall by the sidelines,” La Quinta Middle School principal Janet Seto observes.

Experts say junior high students who fail a single math or reading class are more likely to drop out of high school. Those with bad behavior and poor attendance are also at risk for failure.

Seto says a lack of success with a student can “easily start a snowball effect.”

Middle school is a prepping ground for high school. Educators say this is where study habits are formed and where students decide what type of student they’ll be in the future.

“You can really see a dividing line in middle school,” says Seto. “If they don’t get on the straight and arrow and become a good student, they will have a difficult time in high school.”

In junior high, students deal with changing hormones, self discovery, and making new friends along with tougher classes and higher expectations.

“Come to class on time, do all of the school work, and learn the material,” Seto advises.

Middle school years are full of challenges, but good grades here help students pass the test of life.

“It carries on to the work place. They understand they need to come on-time and do a quality job when they’re there,” says Seto.

KESQ News Team


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