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Cal State Students Paying More For Less

PALM DESERT – The cuts are deep and students are feeling the pain. California State University is dealing with a $584 million deficit for the upcoming year. Cuts were made earlier this year and it’s happening again.

“They’re eliminating classes so we need to drive to the main campus,” says Amber Hardcastle, CSU-San Bernardino Palm Desert student.

Over the next two years, CSU will reduce enrollment by 40,000 students and increase student fees by 30 percent. At the Palm Desert campus, undergrad rates will go up $672.

“It will eliminate the opportunity for students who can pay to come to school,” says Hardcastle.

Throughout the university, some jobs will be lost, but to protect as many as possible, staff members agreed to take furloughs. At CSU, employees will take two days off a month, unpaid, to save thousands of jobs and classes.

“They’re doing their part to try and save. In this economy, it is hard for everyone,” says Diane Sandoval, CSUSB Palm Desert student.

Students also need to do their part. By graduating on time, they make room for incoming freshmen.

“It’s the push people need to be encouraged,” says Hardcastle.

KESQ News Team


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