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Local Tanning Salons On The Defensive Over Cancer Risk

PALM DESERT – It hasn’t been the best of weeks for tanning salons.

The World Health Organization came out and placed tanning beds in the top cancer category, right up there with smoking.

It’s putting local salons a bit on the defensive.

“Got a little nervous, obviously.”

D.J. Jacobs, manager of Bronze Your Buns in Palm Desert, says more people are coming into his shop and asking questions.

“A couple of people were stunned to hear about it. For the most part, they knew about the dangers of tanning. Most people took it as it came, have heard these things before.”

According to researchers, people who use tanning beds before the age of 30 increase their risk of cancer by 75 percent.

Dr. Daniel Cosgrove with the Wellmax Center in La Quinta says people need to be more aware of the ultraviolet radiation they’re taking in to get that tan.

“The tanning bed companies used to say UVA is safe, UVB is the bad one. In fact, UVA the longer wavelength of ultraviolet light is the one that causes the skin damage.”

More people are using sunless, spray-on or brush-on tanning.

“If you gotta get the quick tan, get the spray tan. It works and it doesn’t cause cancer,” says Dr. Cosgrove.

Activists now want congress to make a move for tougher tanning guidelines.

Right now, 29 states have tanning-related laws.

KESQ News Team


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